8:00 - 9:00 AM
Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM
Nancy Hill, President and CEO, 4A's

Opening Remarks
Hollie Rapello, SVP, Communications & Business Development, The Buntin Group
David Swaebe, SVP, Agency Communications & Business Development, MullenLowe U.S.
Co-Chairs of the 4A's Agency Communications Committee

9:10 AM
Change: The New Monster in Town
Keynote: Dana Anderson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mondelez International
Introduced by: Amy Cheronis, Managing Director, MSLGROUP

9:40 AM
Fireside Chat with the Wall Street Journal
A discussion on which stories will write our industry’s future, how coverage is divided at the Journal and which elements make for a successful pitch.
Panelist: Suzanne Vranica, Advertising Editor, Wall Street Journal
Moderator: Jill Kelly, Chief Communications Officer, DigitasLBi
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

10:00 AM
Harnessing the Social Ecosystem to Build Your Agency’s Brand
Are social platforms doing enough to inspire and enable creativity for the agency, its leaders, people and culture? In one-on-one interviews, this session will explore the role of brand and community building within the feed through the lens of editorial and marketing.
10-10:15—Interview with Chip Cutter
—Interview with Sarah Personette

Chip Cutter, Managing Editor, LinkedIn
Panelist: Sarah Personette, Head of Global Business Marketing, Facebook
Moderator: Tanya Dua, Brands Reporter, Digiday
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

10:30 AM
Networking Break

11:00 AM
Diversity & Gender Equality: Affecting Social Change Through Agency Communications
This is not the first time discrimination has taken center stage in the advertising industry, but with a concerted effort, it could be the beginning of its end. The issue came into public view through the very department that would normally work to avoid such news, the public relations, which means communications leaders may have a unique opportunity to impact change. At the very least, they're in an excellent position to leverage this moment to bring awareness to agency stakeholders and make sure staff are protected.
During this panel, we’ll look at proactive measures that can be taken to prevent such behavior from persisting.
There will also be a discussion with those on the forefront of change about how businesses are actively tackling this issue and what we as communicators can do to stem the tide of discrimination from within.

Panelist: Cindy Augustine, Global Chief Talent Officer, FCB; Trustee, Save the Children
Panelist: Christena Pyle, Supervisor of Diversity and Inclusion, Omnicom Group; Director, ADCOLOR
Panelist: Sandra-Sims Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, Publicis Groupe; Chair, Publicis Groupe Talent Engagement and Inclusion Council
Moderator: Carl Desir, VP Talent Initiatives, 4A's
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

11:25 AM
An Insider’s View from The New York Times
Just over a year ago, The New York Times created major buzz when it shook up its coverage of our industry by replacing its longtime advertising beat reporter. Hear about how the Times' marketing and media coverage has since evolved and what stories most interest them today.

Panelist: Bill Brink, Media Editor, The New York Times
Panelist: Connor Ennis, Deputy Media Editor, The New York Times
Moderator: Roy Elvove, EVP, Director Worldwide Communications, BBDO
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

12:00 PM
Comic Relief from The Onion

Offering a break from listening to better-dressed people make up phrases like "immersive synergism" and
"agile integration." A behind-the-scenes look at how "America's Finest News Source" produces, promotes and presents its objectively superior content. These insights will immediately transform all in attendance from mere flacks into advertising communications nobility.

Speaker: Ben Berkley, Managing Editor, The Onion
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

12:35 PM
LunchSponsored by Business Wire

Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

1:35 PM
Global Invasion
The Drum, Campaign and WARC are all looking at the ad business through a global lens.
As representatives of U.S. based agencies, what do you need to know to make sure your content, POV,
people and news are relevant to these global outlets and their audiences? We bring editors and reporters
from this new crop of international media outlets together to get their take on the work, trends future
of our industry and how globalism is changing everything.

Panelist: Minda Smiley, Reporter, The Drum
Panelist: Doug Quenqua, Editor-In-Chief, Campaign U.S.

Panelist: Steve Whiteside, Reports Editor, WARC
Moderator: Kaya Lobaczewski, VP of Communications, Horizon Media
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

2:05 PM
Live Pitch Contest

Do you have what it takes to pitch a winning story? Watch as several PR pros take the stage to pitch their
story idea and receive feedback and insights on what makes a compelling pitch.

Panelist: James Cooper, Executive Editor, Adweek
Panelist: Nat Ives, Executive Editor, Ad Age
Moderator: Dean Jarrett, Chief Communications Officer, Martin Agency
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

2:45 PM
How Modern Storytellers Leverage the Social Web

At this panel, you'll hear directly from storytellers and newsmakers operating on the cutting edge of the internet. With a few key strokes they can ignite stories, catapulting them to the furthest reaches of the world. Advertising has its own set of rules when it comes to the Interwebs, so this panel brings together content strategists and creators who are working for the world's leading publications, but also understand the ad game.

Panelist: Bob Marshall, Deputy Social Media Editor, BuzzFeed
Panelist: Jeff Beer, Staff Editor, Fast Company
Panelist: Shareen Pathak, Managing Editor, Digiday
Panelist: Erica Williams Simon, Senior Opinion Writer, Upworthy
Moderator: Stacy Simpson, Chief Communications Officer, Publicis.Sapient
Introduced by: Hollie Rapello and David Swaebe

3:15 PM
Networking Break

3:45 PM
Lessons from the Campaign Trail
This campaign season has been like no other before it, especially for the communications teams behind the candidates.
In this era of fast-paced, real-time, shoot-from-the-hip politics, there's no time to test a strategy and leverage the best outcome. Messaging needs to get out fast, even if your candidate isn't polished enough to deliver it or experienced enough to handle the flack. Learn from the practitioners working in the minefield of our American political system and keeping up with the chaos. What they're practicing and learning today can affect how we work tomorrow.

Panelist: Rick Tyler, Former National Spokesperson and Communications Director for Senator Ted Cruz's presidency campaign; Political Analyst, MSNBC Cable News Network; Co-Founder, Foundry Road Strategies
Panelist: Haley Morris, Former National Spokesperson for Governor Martin O'Malley's presidency campaign; Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft
Panelist: Grace Briscoe, VP, Candidates and Causes, Centro
Moderator: Philip Rosenstein, Founder of White House Press; Columnist, MediaPost
Introduced by: Jen Stack, Director of Communications, Colle + McVoy

4:45 PM
Strictly Business

While many traditional business media outlets operate on the fringe of the advertising universe with an occasional quote from an agency person or a periodic trend story about "chaos on Madison Avenue" some publications have maintained a dedicated focus on the agency and client marketing sectors. In this session, we gather editors from the business media who are actively in tune with news from the agency and marketing worlds.

Panelist: Jenny Rooney, Editor of the CMO Network, Forbes
Panelist: Laura Petrecca, Senior Editor, Special Projects/NYC Bureau Chief, USA Today
Moderator: Janet Northen, Partner and EVP, Director of Agency Communications, McKinney

5:15 - 6:15 PM
Closing Cocktail Reception