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Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, 4A's



Kick-Off/Roadmap of Conference    

Graham Nolan, SVP, Reputation Management, Grey



The Language of Leadership  

What should a leader say? And when should they say it? 

From the 24-hour news cycle, to the contagion-like spread of both facts and falsehoods, leadership has never been more demanding or more influential.

Charles Day, advisor to some of the creative industry's most celebrated and disruptive leaders, will explain what he’s learned from the best about leading and communicating in today’s 24-hour news cycle.

Charles Day, Founder, The LookinGlass



How to Use PR to Enhance An Agency’s Creative Reputation

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from the folks who know best – Chief Creative Officers.

Tim Nudd, creative industry pundit and Editor-in-Chief at the Clio Awards, hosts a spirited panel discussion with three of the foremost CCO’s in the business: Susan Credle, CCO FCB Worldwide; Greg Hahn, CCO BBDO New York; and Leslie Sims, CCO Y&R North America. Topics will include the role public relations can play in attracting talent, greasing the skids for awards show success, using creativity as an economic multiplier and contributing to an agency’s overall reputation.    

Moderated by: Tim Nudd, Editor-in-Chief, Clio Awards/The Muse



Get to Know: Adweek    

David Griner, Creative & Innovation Editor, Adweek

Interviewed by: Roy Elvove, Executive Vice President and Director Worldwide Communications, BBDO



Networking Break    



Communicating Timeless Values in a Real-Time World

The U.S. State Department is at the forefront of advancing American foreign policy. While digital and social media are imperative to 21st century diplomacy, human engagement, long-term partnerships, and individual relationships remain the core of advancing peace and prosperity in every corner of the world. And while we do not measure success in terms of sales, our bottom line is clear: Protect and advance the interests of the American people. How do we bring together time-tested strategies with new and innovative approaches? How do we measure success, now and over the course of a quarter century? We’ll discuss.

Michelle S. Giuda, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State


Agency Reputation in The New Business Process  

How does PR help the new business process? Leading search and agency consultants will talk about the news and how good (and bad) press influences the decision making process when considering and selecting agencies. Hear what consultants look for and the best ways to keep them informed.

Moderated by: Toni Lee, President, TL Communications



Get to Know: Campaign US   

Oliver McAteer, Associate Editor, Campaign US


Get to Know: MediaPost    

Larissa Faw, Reporter, MediaPost

Interviewed by: Jen Stack, Director of Communications, Colle McVoy





business news in an era of continuous consumption  

In today’s constant stream of news and information, what constitutes legitimate business news has evolved. As stewards of brand narratives in this competitive business news climate, it’s never been more challenging or important for us tell the right story, to the right audience, at the right time. But in order to do this, how do brands ensure their business story is not only told effectively, but told at all? Join us for an impactful conversation on the definition of business news today, with the undisputable global leader of news, CNN. Laurie Segall, Senior Technology Correspondent for CNN and Editor-at-Large for CNN Tech will join Jason Farkas, VP, General Manager at CNN Business, for a candid discussion moderated by Jeremy Miller, EVP, Global Chief Communications Officer at McCann Worldgroup.

  • Jason Farkas, Vice President and General Manager, CNN Business

  • Laurie Segall, Senior Technology Correspondent, CNN, Editor-at-Large, CNN Tech

Moderated by: Jeremy Miller, EVP, Chief Communications Officer, McCann Worldgroup



Get to Know: The Drum    

Gordon Young, Founder, The Drum

Interviewed by: Janet Northen, EVP/Director, Agency Communications, McKinney



Impactful Messaging for Women, Leadership and the #MeToo Movement   

Press Forward is a new initiative that arose during the #metoo movement, dedicated to changing newsroom culture, by elevating women in the workplace and ensuring the integrity of the American press. The group - comprised of innovators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, management consultants and graduates from the nation's top schools - seek lasting change in an industry for which they began their careers and care deeply.

Yet a strategic communication challenge confronts them - the same press they endeavor to help are narrowly defining them by their experiences - which would be a good story, but not the truth. Some of Press Forward’s brave cofounders are multiple-award-winning journalists who work or had worked at national outlets. Once on the other side of the news, coming forward courageously with their stories, they are linearly defined as "victims" and "accusers.” Which makes it easier to sell a story -- pitting bad against good, accuser against abuser-- and it's not the full narrative.

This movement, and Press Forward, is part of a critical effort to redefine the stories and messaging so that women are empowered, and successful at creating systemic change.



Get to Know: ad age    

Meg Graham, Reporter, Ad Age

Interviewed by: Vonda LePage, EVP, Director of Corporate Communications, Deutsch Inc.



Networking Break    



Get to Know: Variety    

Brian Steinberg, Senior TV Editor, Variety

Interviewed by: Roy Elvove, Executive Vice President and Director Worldwide Communications, BBDO



Let's Get Social    

Thought leadership has always been a pillar of any strategic communications program, but the landscape is changing at the speed of an Instagram story. What was once limited to a handful of op-ed opportunities in trade and business publications has morphed into an ever-increasing number of platforms to self-publish and share points-of-view. In a sea of infinite choice, what options are best for executive visibility? Does self-publishing offer a better payoff than a traditional op-ed? Can the two co-exist? And once you publish, how do you help your content to catch fire? In this session we’ll hear from three different players on how to win when everybody’s got an opinion.

Moderated by: Anaka Kobzev, Global Head of Communications, TBWA\Worldwide



Get to Know: Digiday    

Shareen Pathak, Managing Director, Digiday

Interviewed by: Jamie Dierking, Director of Communications, VMLY&R



The Role of PR in Our Industry    

The advertising agency model has been challenged before. And while its critics have come and gone through the years, there can be no question that today, a combination of forces poses a real threat to the industry’s continued ability to deliver the caliber of service clients need to meet their business goals and build their brands. These factors include a broadening view that the service an agency provides is a commodity, a soft cost that can be relentlessly cut. In turn, this reduction in revenue makes it difficult for agencies to effectively compete in the war for needed talent and limits their ability to provide the kind of thought leadership once valued, and still needed, by the industry’s clients. How did we get here?  How can we fix it? And what role can PR professionals play in the solution.

In his closing keynote, Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide and former Chairman of the 4As, will tackle these questions and suggest some ways that PR practitioners might add a new focus to their agency’s messages in order to prove the industry’s value to business while strengthening their brands.

Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus, DDB Worldwide



Closing Remarks    

Graham Nolan, SVP, Reputation Management, Grey