Conference Learning Pack

As an ADDED BONUS to this year’s 4A’s Agency Communications Summit, we’re offering a Conference Learning Pack of three (3) on-demand courses of the most pressing topics facing industry professionals. You’ll have access to view these courses at our own convenience, before, during and after the conference.

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This conference learning pack can be purchased when you register for your conference ticket.

  • Members: $99.00
  • Non-Members: $199.00

The Conference Learning Pack includes:

  • Media Relations Essentials: Present Like A Champ
  • Mastering Workplace Conversations: Decoding Feedback
  • Story Hero! The Art of Storytelling

Media Relations Essentials: Present Like A Champ


Thought Leader: Lee Woodruff (@LeeMWoodruff)

This course is designed to build on and sharpen existing communications skills to allow you to shine in any speaking situation. We will cover tips and information to help amplify your energy, expertise and authenticity. Information will also be provided on effective use of body language, humor and anecdotes. 

What Will You Learn

  • How to refine a message for the media/public
  • How to build confidence through body language
  • The do’s and don'ts for print and broadcast interviews
  • Tips for doing webinars
  • Public speaking tips for podiums, panels or internal meetings

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Decoding Feedback


Thought Leader: Michele Prota, Global Chief Talent Officer, KBS (@michelemprota)

It can be hard to share your opinion and offer feedback without fear on how it will land on another’s ears. It can also be feel defeating to hear what others have to disclose to you. This course will empower you to deliver your ideas and ask for the feedback you need.

What You Will Learn

  • How what vs. why questions can impact your relationships
  • How to craft your delivery to bring about positive outcomes
  • Learn to convey opinions with more finesse and etiquette
  • How to take in negative feedback without taking it personally

Story Hero! The Art Of StorytellinG


Stories are around us everywhere. They are an important part of our culture and an even more important part of doing business. As the media landscape gets more chaotic by the day, crafting strong stories that cut through the clutter has become an increasingly important art and skill.

What Will You Learn

  • The basics of storytelling
  • The elements of a good story
  • How to use storytelling with clients
  • A step-by-step process for impactful and effective storytelling
  • How to get your team on the same page