Daniel Roth is the editor of LinkedIn, based out of LinkedIn's NYC offices in the Empire State Building. In his role, Roth oversees the global editorial team that handles curation of breaking insights on LinkedIn, creation of original articles and videos and the cultivation of new and top contributors across the site. Over the years, he helped build and launch the Influencer program, LinkedIn Today (LinkedIn's original news curation), and other areas of original and curated news and views.  LinkedIn is now, by far, the world's largest platform and publisher of business-relevant content, a fact that led the never-understated Business Insider to call him the "most powerful business journalist on the Internet."

Roth's background is as a writer and editor. As a senior writer at Wired, he wrote deep dives on Larry Page's Android vision; Brian Robertson's Comcast dreams; and a cover story on Shai Agassi’s Better Place (a Loeb Awards finalist). His 2009 story on Demand Media was included in Yale Press' Best Technology Writing 2010. Before Wired, he was a founding writer at the sadly departed Condé Nast Portfolio. Roth was also the editor of and a longtime senior writer and editor at Fortune. Some of his most cited stories include secretly embedding at America’s top employer, The Container Store; a rare joint interview with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates; a profile of the founder of BitTorrent (selected for Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology); and a story in which he followed the creators of Skype as they were building their company (named Best Story on Entrepreneurship at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards). His piece on Pat Robertson's business empire earned him a letter from Robertson suggesting that he's bound for hell.