Lisa Colantuono is the President of AAR Partners, an agency search consultancy servicing marketers since 1980.  Often referred to as a 'cupid in a suit' Lisa has been creating successful relationships between brands and agencies for over 17 years.  Not only does Lisa believe in enduring partnerships that matter, but she actively participates in creating them.  Having consulted on and managed agency reviews including Aruba Tourism, American Airlines, Lee Jeans, Subaru, Ben and Jerry's, Nikon and Panera Bread (to name a few) – Lisa tackles and solves the most vexing agency search challenges and has enabled hundreds of marketers to meet and/or exceed their business goals.  Throughout her 25 year career, she’s an advocate for client-agency relationships that yield results: smAARt partnerships = better work = positive ROI. 

Described as an agency search consultant whose unique perspective is highly valued, Lisa counsels both marketers and communications agencies on their business and branding efforts.  Her wisdom has been shared throughout top industry publications and in 2016 she published her first book, @AARLisa: New Biz in 140 Characters (or Less).  Lisa is also part of the industry speaking circuit, presenting at national conferences including AAF, BOLO, HOW Design Live, Mirren, and AdAge Small Agency Conference.